Ewa Sendecka,
Michał Tabor
project type:
Urban Product Design
Urban Furniture Manufacturer
2 months



The main aim of this project was to develop a universal bench that would integrate well with modern architecture. The project was based on an analysis of trends and needs resulting from changes in the contemporary environment, such as new business parks, housing estates, and public spaces. The combination of a plastic seat and a stainless steel structure ensures comfort and durability. It also minimizes the need for repairs and maintenance. The arms stabilize the bench, while their flexibility makes it feel soft and relaxing to sit on. The shape of the side arms is the result of a study of plant motifs such as leaves, creepers and shoots, while brushed stainless steel gently reflects surrounding architectural elements. The bench becomes an integral part of any environment in which it is placed. The project was created for an urban furniture manufacturer.