Ewa Sendecka,
Michał Tabor
project type:
Urban Product Design
Urban Lighting Manufacturer
Modern, Organic
6 months



Acanto is a concept design for modern LED street lighting inspired by plants. It was designed to light pedestrian routes and places where people gather. If you look at the majority of today’s street lights, you see geometric shapes - a result of their purely functional character. When designing Acanto, we wanted to break that convention. We looked for inspiration in the nature around us, and found it in the acanthus leaf. But this use of nature hasn’t limited the functional aspects of the design. It is intended to be produced as a monolith pressure casting of lightweight alloy. Because of cooler ribs and the material used, Acanto will ensure good heat dissipation from the electronic system within. A properly shaped body with holes provides good rainwater drainage. The casing covers a well-organized system of electronics while ensuring that the walls have adequate strength and are not too thick. Acanto brings nature into the world of technology.