Ewa Sendecka,
Michał Tabor
project type:
Building & Architecture
MAR-TOM Sp. z o. o.

3 months



Much has been said about front door design. As a result, the task of designing a new front door collection for MAR-TOM company seemed like quite a challenge. We decided to approach it in an unconventional way, seeking inspiration in the world of nature, geometry and art. The collection was designed in unison with current architectural trends, but at the same time introduces new proposals for this type of product. These include a door without an outside handle, where the handle function is performed by a shaped recess in the front of the door. The recess also serves as a hidden window that lets light through from inside the house. Another innovative collection is a family of doors in which the handle is made of two different materials. This combination creates a visual interaction and illusion between the door leaf and handle.
The collection is the perfect answer to widespread market demand. It is an ideal solution for customers who prefer modern minimalist forms and a high degree of aesthetics and functionality.