Ewa Sendecka,
Michał Tabor
project type:
Furniture Design
Craft Poland Sp. z o. o.

Minimalistic, Modern
3 months



The wide range of furniture available on the market means that the creation of new avant-garde designs is not easy. Our solution is to combine aesthetic qualities with something special and distinctive. The result is the Levitable – a table that owes its name to the illusion of a tabletop levitating over its base. In actual fact, the table is very stable and made of durable components, but its unusual form makes it look lightweight and graceful.
The Levitable is an innovative piece of furniture which can be used both for a conference room or as a dining table at home. When disassembled for transportation, the table takes up very little space, and it is extremely easy to assemble using only standard tools. The basic version of the tabletop is made of cool walnut wood and the steel base is finished with brushed copper or brass.